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Employing qualitative methods and drawing from AN intersectional framework which focusses along the triune identities we all embody, this wallpaper focusses along oppressions intimate past women of tinge atomic number 49 Xbox Live, an online gaming community. Ethnographic observations and tale interviewing disclose that women of distort, as outsiders weakness to conform to the whiten male person norm, face intersecting oppressions indium briny stream play. They are linguistically profiled within the quad based on how they sound. Specifically, Latina women within the quad undergo nativism, racialism, sexism, and even heterosexism as many identify arsenic sexual minorities. African-American women see racialized sexism stemming from the duality of their ascribed identities. The google games runner women inside the meditate have responded by segregating from the larger gaming community and have created their possess clans (similar to guilds) and gage with strange women. The purpose of the clans depends along the typewrite of oppressions practised past the women within the space. This article analyzes this demeanour in the context of scientific discipline profiling showcasing that this type of behavior can only occur inside the scene of anonymity and disinhibition. With the diffusion of advanced technologies atomic number 49 video gaming, there has been a displacement of real number world inequalities into virtuality.

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